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ASAPIO Cloud Integrator

In order to connect SAP ERP with SAP cloud solutions, an efficient data exchange is required for both master and transactional data. The ASAPIO ACI solution covers the integration needs for all SAP cloud solutions. The solution ASAPIO Cloud Integrator (ACI) enables the replication of the required data between the two SAP software environments based on:

SAP Ariba® integration

As Ariba Partner, we deliver a full integration of Ariba up- and downstream solutions including the integration of the Ariba Catalog (APC) and Ariba Nework with SAP ERP backend data. This includes the master data in- and outbound transfer as well as the exchange of transactional data. Our solution contains predefined content (100+ extractors) and the possibility to reuse Ariba delivered content as well.

SAP Fieldglass™ integration

Fieldglass as the SAP Cloud solution for flexible workforce management including invoicing of the managed services. It has high integration requirements e.g. for user masters and accounting data. This is fully covered by the ACI solution from ASAPIO.

SAP Concur® integration

The concur cloud as the solution for travel management requires a deep integration into SAP FI/CO as well as into organizational data from the ERP backend system. On the other hand travel expenses have to be transferred into the backend system for the follow-up processes. This requirement is fully covered by the ASAPIO Cloud integrator.