ASAPIO Cloud Integrator for Event Messaging

Out-of-the-box Integration for Solace® PubSub+®, Apache® kafka® and SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Messaging

Connect event broker to your SAP systems, to create an event mesh that moves events safely, reliably and in real time from any system to any system, whereever needed.                         


ASAPIO enable event-driven real-time communication between SAP and non-SAP apps, for on-prem and hybrid cloud environments.

ACI Integration Portfolio

Advantages of ACI over individual integration

  • The ASAPIO Cloud Integrator runs as an add-on to your existing SAP system
  • You do not need a separate server
  • Separate ASAPIO namespace
  • Easy to customize
  • Perfect process overview and control through the use of well-known and proven standard SAP technologies such as change pointers, RFC-ALE communication, workflows and much more.
  • Secure communication between SAP and the cloud solution through dedicated web services
  • Quick and easy deployment of the solution as transport requests, incl. the predefined Content Packages
  • Easy customization for custom content possible